Disciplinary Prodedure

If a child persistently misbehaves


Staff need to anticipate problems, redirect and remove difficulties, using positive reinforcement and encouragement. If a child persistently misbehaves;

  • Warn child against the behaviour, explaining why.
  • A time out period should be given (not using a naughty chair) in a quiet area away from the other children, with one of the adults.
  • Communication with the parent/carer should be dealt with by the Play Leader (or substitute) at the session.
  • We would expect to formulate a joint strategy with Parents/carers if behaviour was unacceptable over a few sessions. We would expect the Parents/carers to reinforce the same standards at home.
  • If there was no improvement, we would ask the named SENCO officer. (Special Educational Needs Co- Ordinator) to support the child in close communications with the parent. An individual plan may operate with clear targets.
  • If there is no improvement we would ask Social Services or the Pre-School Learning Alliance for advice, without identifying the child. Consent from parents/carers has to be sought for observation of the child by an outside person.
  • If there was still no further improvement a written warning may be issued. Parents will be required to stay with the child to supervise their behaviour, until an improvement is shown. The situation will continue to be reviewed.

Discriminatory Behaviour/Remarks

These are unacceptable in the pre-school. Our aim is to be sensitive to the feelings of the victims and to help those responsible to understand and overcome their prejudices.

Unacceptable Behaviour

  • Unsafe behaviour. The child is in danger or another child or adult is in physical danger.
  • Antisocial behaviour. Being unkind, racist or sexist comments, spoiling other people’s games, causing a disruption or interference, running about and throwing equipment.
  • Biting. When a child intends to bite another person, or when a child actually bites and leaves teeth marks.
  • Unacceptable language. When a child’s language is deemed by the staff to be insulting, foul or inappropriate.
  • Mistreatment of equipment. Abuse of equipment, threatening other children, or otherwise causing physical and material damage.

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