Open to every family in the community


Admission Policy

The pre-school is open to every family in the community. The waiting list is operated on a “first come, first served” basis (with regard to age). We are usually able to accommodate people who are new to the area, or who have recently applied, but please be aware that places available for children under the age of three are limited.

Your child can start from the date they reach two years old, if staff feel your child is mature enough to be left in a pre-school environment. Parents/carers are obliged to stay for the first session. Your child may need you to stay with him/her for longer than this, or to leave him/her for shorter periods of time initially

Discuss with the Play Leader if you have any worries. We are quite happy for you to stay with your child for as long as it takes them to settle in. Initially, children of two may only attend up to two sessions in a week.

Special Needs

The pre-school recognises the wide range of special needs of children and families in their community, and will consider what part it will play in meeting these needs. Planning for pre-school meetings and events will take into account the needs of people with disabilities. Medical, cultural and dietary needs will be met where possible.

Equal Opportunities

The Pre-School Learning Alliance is committed to helping pre-school provide equality of opportunity for all children and families. As a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance, Southgate pre-school believes that no child, individual or family, should be excluded from the pre-school activities on the grounds of age, sexuality, class, family status, means, disability, colour, ethnic origin, religion or belief. We aim to ensure that all who wish to work in, or volunteer to help with our pre-school , have an equal chance to do so.

Sessions & Fees

We are open for 5 morning sessions per week, 8:45 – 11.45 am Monday to Friday, 5 afternoon sessions 12:30 – 3:30 Monday to Friday, Lunch club runs 11:45 to 12.30 Monday to Friday at a charge of £4.50, term time only.

We are introducing our B & A Club (Before and After Pre-School) from September ’23. The club will run 07.45 – 08.45 (including breakfast) and 15.30 – 17.30 (including a snack), the price is £6 per hour (£6 before & £12 after).

Each session costs £17.00, payable in advance. Bills are issued at the beginning of each month, and may be paid by Bank Transfer, Childcare Voucher or Cash. Money is collected 1 month in advance by the Finance & Administration Officer. If you are having difficulty paying, please talk to the Finance & Administration Officer as soon as possible. If cheques are returned to us, by the bank, we will have to past the cost on to the owner of the cheque. If fees have not been paid for a month without explanation, your child may be asked to leave, until monies owing have been paid in full. You are still obliged to pay for your child even if they do not attend their session, Including Holidays during term time. If you or your Child feels that pre-school isn’t suiting your Child or your lifestyle, speak to a committee member or pre-school Leader, where we will endeavour to find a solution. If you wish to remove your child, mid-month, without notice, we will be expecting payment to cover the remaining month.

Free places for 2, 3 & 4 year olds

Pre-school is open for five morning sessions and five afternoon sessions per week . We will endeavour to allocate a maximum of 5 free sessions to those eligible children, however you may be eligible for up to 30 hours funding, if there is excess demand this may not always be possible. A “first come first serve” basis will operate. A new child waiting to start pre-school will be given equal priority to any existing child who may request extra sessions. All 3 year olds are entitled to free pre-school places, in the term after they are 3, due to the Government Grant. Two year olds with a Golden Ticket may be offered up to 15 hours funding too. This Grant is non-transferable, so if your Child moves to a different Pre-school, part way through a Term, the funding is unable to move with your Child. Suffolk County Council have increased the number of weeks, which the Grant covers, from 33 weeks to 38 weeks. This is good news because we no longer have to charge for the uncovered weeks. This means you save money and the pre-school can continue running at a high level.

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